American values are under attack.

Young Americans are being brain-washed by 'woke'.

Protect your children, teach them what makes America special.

Teach your children six things about American exceptionalism that every American ought to know.

This beautifully illustrated book will help you ensure your children grow up appreciating America the way you do!


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Dear Patriot,

American values are under attack. Young people are taught to believe the United States is always in the wrong.

A new arrival to the United States, I have discovered how exceptional America is firsthand.

Now, as a father, I’m determined that my daughter grows up appreciating America the way I do. 

That's why I wrote “What Makes America Special”. An illustrated children’s book about six key truths that define America, it is based on what I used to tell my daughter about our new home. 

If we don’t teach our children the truth about America, TikTok and progressive professors will fill young minds with extreme ‘woke’ ideology.

Recent student protests on campus have revealed the extent to which left wing, anti-American ideology now runs American universities. 

This book is the antidote to the ‘woke’ mind virus. Take responsibility and help shape the views of the next generation.

If you order this book, you will be sent a FREE bonus Children’s Activity book to download.  Twenty two pages long, the Children’s Activity Book provides hours of fun.

Make sure your children value America the way you do!

Douglas Carswell

Six truths your children need to know about America

1. America was founded in liberty.

2. The US Constitution is one of the best systems of government in the world.

3. America has been a force for good.

4. Americans are amazingly inventive.

5. Judeo-Christian ideals have shaped America.

6. Americans have so much to be thankful for.

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